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Uncluttering Blog

November 17, 2015 • Online

After a while, it feels like my blog has become cluttered. Just as cluttered as storing so many thoughts in the only one mind you own. Sometimes I couldn’t categorize what this blog is about. Is it about my personal life? Yep. Is it about my projects? Yep. About recent issues? Yep. About languages? Music? […]

Berapa Tarif Maintenance Apartemen di Jakarta?

November 12, 2015 • Random

Dalam membeli apartemen, salah satu hal yang cukup penting adalah mencari tahu berapa tarif bulanan yang dikenakan. Karena meskipun unit apartemennya adalah milik, namun kita tetap mesti membayarkan sejumlah biaya setiap bulannya untuk iuran pemeliharaan lingkungan (IPL/maintenance) termasuk di dalamnya sampah dan keamanan, lalu masih ada juga iuran biaya cadangan (sinking fund), juga iuran parkir. […]

Sok Geura Atuh, Geura Atuh Sok

November 3, 2015 • Random

In the blog series of Speak Indonesian Like a Sundanese, we have discussed about words which are often used by Sundanese people when speaking Indonesian. Three of which are sok, atuh, and geura. What’s unique in Sundanese dialect is that these three words alone can be combined in any order to form a sentence and […]

Speak Indonesian Like a Sundanese: geura

November 3, 2015 • Random

The word geura is often heard in conversations of people in West Java region. This word gives an intention to ask the person the sentence is being spoken to to promptly do something. Placement In verbal conversation, this word could be placed before or after verb, or at the end of a clause. Now that […]

Speak Indonesian Like a Sundanese: sok

November 3, 2015 • Random

There is an Indonesian term sok which means berlagak (show off, boast). But don’t confuse that sok with sok we are going to discuss now. The word sok used in Sundanese dialect comes from Sundanese language, which has a very different meanings. Then what is Indonesian sok in Sundanese? It’s légék. 1. silakan (please) While […]

Daftar Nomor SMS Spam Iklan ke Nomor XL

June 29, 2015 • Random

Update: baca juga cara Menghentikan SMS Spam (dan Premium) pada Operator XL Dahulu, setiap kali mendengar bunyi notifikasi SMS masuk ke ponsel, rasanya senang. Namun belakangan ini SMS sudah hampir tidak pernah digunakan lagi karena keberadaannya yang tergantikan oleh internet chat.Walau begitu, bukan berarti aku tidak pernah lagi menerima SMS. Justru dalam beberapa bulan terakhir […]

Nightingale, The Best Music Player Alternative for Mac OS X

June 24, 2015 • Random

Recently I just switched my laptop with a MacBook. Due to the new hardware components on this early 2015 series, Linux couldn’t detect the SSD, even with the latest 4.0 kernel. Hence I have to familiarize myself with Mac OS X. The first thing to do beside migrating all files was to install all applications […]

Speak Indonesian Like a Sundanese: atuh

May 14, 2015 • Random

A word that is often heard in many conversations: atuh. Though this is also commonly used in other dialects, the word has a few meanings when spoken by Sundanese dialect. The word atuh can be placed in front or at the end of the sentence, depending on the meaning. 1. Emphasizing Certainty One use of […]

Speak Indonesian Like a Sundanese: mah

May 12, 2015 • Random

Continuing the series, we have previously discussed a commonly used particle téh. Now I will add another similar particle which is also commonly used in Sundanese dialects: mah. This particle is not unique to Sundanese, as we also often hear it from other dialects. 1. Subject Indicator Similar to téh, mah is also used to […]

Speak Indonesian Like a Sundanese: téh

May 11, 2015 • Random

If you ever learn bahasa (Indonesian) you might have noticed that colloquial Indonesian is very diverse, influenced by local dialects. As a person who was born and grown up in Bandung, I didn’t know what makes Sundanese dialects different from Jakartanese, Medanese, Balinese, Javanese, or other dialects. Yet somehow, hearing non Sundanese tried mimicking Sundanese […]