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Going Personal (Read: Where the heck your posts have gone to?)

November 12, 2018 • Random

I am a web developer. I program websites and software. But that’s not all of me. While the website had been refocused to emphasize on my professional persona as a web developer, I find myself lacking a creative outlet to express my personal self. Besides, this blog began as a personal blog and has always been. And now, I decided to give it back for my personal home page and blog.

Since 2013, I work professionally under my business name Aralus Digital. Coming new year, I find it’s a good time to review and restructure my online assets. Back to the title of this post, if you are wondering where are my blog posts related to programming topics, I have transferred it to Aralus Digital blog. In the future I will post articles on programming topics there so be sure to check it out!

How about this blog? Since it is my personal blog, you could expect some random posts about me and personal ramblings.

Til next time!